Cry: To Russia, With Love

In the September 2, 2013 Sports Illustrated Point After, Brian Burke writes about his gay son and his thoughts on Russia’s stance criminalizing public expressions deemed to be “pro-gay.”  Brian explains:

“I have been publicly and vocally pro-gay since 2007, when my youngest son, Brendan, came out to our family. I have tried to do what every parent should: support my son. Brendan and I did interviews together talking about the importance of LGBT acceptance in sports. Three years ago we lost Brendan, tragically, in an accident at 21, and since then our family has fought hard to carry on his message of love and inclusivity. We have marched in pride parades, spoken at events and donated time and energy in support of young LGBT people.”

He goes on to say:

“You don’t have to be gay to care about this. You don’t have to have a gay son or daughter to recognize an organized effort by a government to target and destroy a minority group. History has taught us that, left unchecked, this sort of bigotry will only escalate. The rest of the world cannot bear silent witness.”

Brian presents his case from an interesting angle – a loving father.  This is a stance I can certainly understand as a Dad myself.  Read this article in the SI site by clicking here and try to comprehend this important issue from his loving point of view.